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Make way with Rivanah as she contemplates her life Rivanah has a screwed up love life which is anything but stable. Rivanah is living in a big city away from her parents. She is harmless in nature just like any other typical girl. But her entire life has turned upside down ever since she is being chased by a mystery man, whose identity is hidden.

She closely contemplates on many aspects of her life and finds answers to her questions. She asks, "What is that force which binds her to the dead Hiya? The answers will bring to light an intense and mysterious climax that is surely going to take your breath away.

About the Author Novoneel Chakraborty is an author known for his knack of writing romantic stories. This is also the third edition of the much reputed trilogy — Stranger. The book is available online for convenient shopping. You can bag this book from site. Also if candidates who are can not study from PDF can also download the Hard copy book from the below image link we have provided.

This book will help surely clear all your basics of all the topics asked in the exam paper. So, will Nitya stay here with us? Danny nodded. For how long? Till she recovers a bit. The doctor said she shouldnt be allowed to stay alone for some time.

She is emotionally fragile. There was an awkward silence between them. Rivanah didnt want Nitya to stay with them. But she knew if she was honest to Danny it would make her sound rude and he wouldnt appreciate it either. Before she could tell him her decision, Nitya was in the room. Im sorry if Im disturbing you; if Rivanah has a problem with me staying here, Im ready to leave.

Its really not an issue. Danny and Rivanah exchanged a blank look. The doctor is mad. I can take care of myself. Rivanah went to Nitya and said, Why would we have a problem, dear? Please feel free to stay here. Cool, she said, shooting a look at Rivanah and Danny alternately, and then went away. Thank you, Danny said, wrapping his arms around Rivanah. Only she knew how much pain it caused her to say yes to Nitya. From the day she had first met her a year back, Rivanah never got a vibe from her that said, yeah, we can be friends too.

Hunger pushed Rivanah to quickly change and freshen up. Though she had eaten breakfast on the flight itself, she was famished now since it was past noon by the time she entered her flat. She had already told Danny about how she longed to have a pizza when she reached Mumbai.

She joined Danny and Nitya in the drawing room after freshening up and asked which pizza she should order. But Ive already prepared lunch for us, Nitya exclaimed. We can eat that at night, Rivanah said. I was in the kitchen the whole morning preparing salad for us, Nitya said, which made it seem like she wasnt complaining and yet she was. You have the salad, Nitya. Danny and I will surely have it at night.

Nityas voice changed gear. Cant we have pizza at night? Danny asked Rivanah. Her jaw would have dropped had she not controlled herself in time. Yeah, sure we can, she said after a moment. Im sure you will like the salad, Nitya said with a smile and went to the kitchen to fetch it.

Rivanah could see a sense of victory in that smile which made her feel uncomfortable. Though Rivanah knew Danny was looking at her, pleading for peace, she chose to look at her phone instead. For dinner it was pizza indeed but when Rivanah said she wanted to have a Cheese Burst pizza, Nitya said extra cheese gave her a headache. Danny ordered both Cheese Burst as well as a regular one but he ate more from the latter. Rivanah didnt say anything but could feel frustration brewing in her.

She ate only one of the six slices and threw the rest in the garbage and she did so exactly when Danny was looking. He didnt probe; she didnt clarify. Rivanah went to her room, switched off the lights, plugged her ears and listened to a Lana Del Ray song.

A few minutes later she felt her earphones being taken off. She didnt have to turn around. She knew it was Danny as his hand rested on her tummy. No, she said in a stern voice.


Im sorry. You dont have to be. Can we go clubbing? Depends on who we are. We can only mean you and me. Rivanah turned to look at him and said, Are you sure? I know you are uncomfortable in Nityas presence, Danny said once they were in the car.

Somebody had to talk about it. Rivanah was glad it was him. Im not uncomfortable, Danny, Rivanah said. Its just that Nitya and I are two different personalities with different tastes.

And you know that. Personally I dont have a problem with Nitya but. Rivanah wondered how she could dress this naked truth in a way that it didnt make her sound insecure. Danny shrugged at her, still seeking closure. Its just a matter of a few days. Rivanah turned the stereo on and rolled down the window to get some fresh air.

Rivanah gave him a sharp glance and then, leaning back on the seat while looking outside, said, Nothing. I tracked down where she used to live but nobody from her family lives there any more. It was a rented place. The owners too dont know where the Chowdhury family has moved to after Hiyas death.

And did she really die just the way you envisioned in your nightmares? Pooja said Hiya died after hanging herself from the ceiling fan.

But Pooja also acted funny, saying she didnt remember saying so. Rivanah didnt share this with Danny. Danny put his hand on hers. He tightened his grasp as she gave him a relaxed smile. It was a cool night with low traffic.

She leaned sideways and kissed him on his cheeks and then licked her way to his ears. The car wobbled on the road. Control, baby, Danny said. Both had a naughty smile on their faces.

Before they could take things one step further, his phone rang. Since the phone was lying on the deck, Rivanah could easily read the name of the caller: Nitya. She pushed the phone towards Danny and rested on her seat again. Danny slowed down as he took the call. The next second he took a U-turn. What happened? Rivanah asked. Nitya has high fever. We have to go back. The concern in his voice saddened her.

She knew as a friend he ought to be concerned but what was she to feel, as a girlfriend, about this? No, as an insecure girlfriend. Danny didnt say a single word as he drove fast to their apartment. Once there Rivanah stayed back in the car as he rushed to the flat. Sitting in the car she wanted to tell someone her point of view.

That she wasnt a bitch who didnt care if a person had high fever but. She typed a message: Please tell me you are there. She sent it but she didnt get a delivery report. She chose to wait. She looked around and found herself in her room. At first, all she remembered was sitting inside the car.

Then she remembered how even after half an hour the message to the stranger had not been delivered. She had come back to the flat last night to see Danny checking the thermometer while Nitya lay on the couch. Rivanah hadnt bothered to ask anything. Rivanah got up, tied her hair into a loose bun and went to open the door.

There were two pouches of milk on the ground. She picked it up and locked the main door. It was then that her eyes fell on Danny who was asleep on the couch while Nityas head rested on his lap; she too was asleep.

There was nothing objectionable in it and yet there was something deeply disturbing. She wanted to wake them up immediately but, she wondered, why did Danny have to make Nitya sleep on his lap? Rivanah understood she was his best friend but she wasnt his girlfriend. Theres a difference. Is there? Rivanah thought and stopped herself from waking them up.

Can a guys girl best friend and girlfriend live together with him? With this question probing her calmness, Rivanah went to take a shower instead of sleeping for a few minutes more. When she stepped out of the shower, she noticed Nitya was preparing tea for herself in the kitchen while Danny was on the phone. When the call ended, he joined her in the bedroom.

I have an important audition today for a movie, he said, putting his arms around her from behind, trying to be cosy with her.

She could still feel the coldness with which he had left her in the car last night. From that coldness to this cosinesshow was she supposed to adjust so quickly and that too with no explanation or even a whisper of an apology?

I thought you would come to the room after Nitya slept, she said, shrugging her shoulders a bit as if she didnt appreciate his arms around her at the moment. Danny looked as if he was expecting something else from Rivanah. I dozed off. Why do you ask? Was she wrong in expecting an apology from him because he didnt come to his girlfriends room at night?

Nothing, Rivanah said. When is your audition? They wanted me to be there in the morning itself but I have rescheduled it for the evening. You have another one in morning? I need to take Nitya to the doctor. She still has fever. Rivanah gave him a momentary glance and, turning her back to him said, Ill take her to the doctor. You go to the audition. Danny wrapped his arms around her once again from behind, this time tighter, and said, I love you. Me too, she said, removing his arms immediately.

Only she knew that she had proposed to take Nitya to the doctor out of her own sense of insecurity. Pistanthrophobia was the wordthe fear of trusting someone because of a previous bad experience.

Thanks to Ekansh, Rivanah could think of nothing else but the fact that every girl in her mans life was a potential threat to her relationship. The closer the girl to your partner, the more active the threat was. Whether Danny was lured by Nitya or he fell for her, the result would be same: Rivanah would be single.

She had suffered such a thing before. And somewhat recovered, if not fully. But if it happened againjust one more time then nothing in this world would be able to cure her. People dont understand but heartbreak, with time, becomes a disease, a well-kept secret disease whose symptom is a deep mistrust, and that is incurable.

She promised herself that she would do her part at least so that what happened between Ekansh and her didnt happen again. And thus she decided to take Nitya to the doctor. Danny dropped both Rivanah and Nitya at the doctors and drove off to his audition. It took close to an hour before they were done with the check-up. As they came out Rivanah called for a Tab cab. When it arrived, Nitya persuaded Rivanah to head to her office while she went home alone.

Once in office Rivanahs team lead, Sridhar, told her something which instantly filled her with excitement. Theres an on-site opportunity coming up for two of our team members and I will be forwarding your name.

You mean I will go to London? Yes, if selected, youll have to work from there for two years. Thank you so much. Rivanah was genuinely thrilled. She had worked hard on the project and finally it was time for her reward. She immediately called Danny but he didnt pick up.

Then she called her mother who was equally jubilant hearing this. Rivanah knew her mother would inform every close and distant relative of theirs about this in no time.

After all Rivanah would be the first woman in her family to work abroad. The rest had only tagged along with their husbands on a dependant visa. A few minutes after her mother had put the phone down, Rivanah got a call from Danny.

Sorry, baby. I was driving. Its okay. I guessed so. Rivanah was about to share the good news when she heard Danny say, Im back home. The smile disappeared from Rivanahs face. A frown appeared instead. Some crisis came up at the production office.

The audition will possibly happen tomorrow. So, Ill be at home only. Rivanah was lost. He was at home. So was Nitya. You called me, right? Danny said. Just like that. Lets talk later then.

I need to give Nitya some medicine. Yeah, sure. Bye, Rivanah said and cut the call. She had a constant frown from then on. Physically she was in the office with her team but mentally she was at her flat wondering what Danny and Nitya were up to.

She called Danny half an hour later. Hey, whats up? Was missing you. I was shaving. She is sleeping. Its the side effect of the medicines. Was Nitya really sleeping? Rivanah cut the call, feeling ashamed for doubting Dannys words. She went back to work but still couldnt focus.

A restlessness caught up with her; she drank water from time to time, took deep breaths and tried to distract herself, but failed miserably. She called Danny again after twenty minutes. And again. Whats up with you today? Dont you have any work in the office? Danny said when he picked up her call for the fifth time in an hour and a half. Why, arent you happy Im calling you? Im not.

I would rather have you home if you are out of work, Danny giggled. Whats Nitya doing? She is taking a shower. Listen, thanks, Danny said. For being so concerned about Nitya. I know I didnt discuss it with you before I brought her here but Im so happy with the way you embraced the whole situation.

Rivanah could have choked to death hearing this. She only swallowed a lump, sitting on her chair in her cubicle, trying hard to pretend she didnt hear what Danny said. Let me call you later. Team leads calling. Rivanah cut the phone and kept it in her bag, promising herself she wouldnt call Danny again that day. Just before she was about to leave for the day, Sridhar told her to keep her passport ready.

Ill let you know when done. She couldnt wait to share the news with Danny. And when she did tell him after she reached home, Danny was equally excited.

Im really happy for you. But Ill miss you as well, Danny said, hugging her tight. It was then that Rivanah realized what she had forgotten the whole time.

It made her jittery. And somewhat neurotic too. What if Danny and Nitya continued to live together after she shifted to London? Youll come with me, she said and immediately knew it was stupid of her to say that. Danny half broke the embrace to look at her and said, How I wish! Rivanah managed a tight smile. May I say something? Nitya barged in. Danny and Rivanah together turned around to see Nitya leaning by the rooms door. They awkwardly broke their embrace completely.

Nitya looked at Rivanah and said, Dont worry. In your absence, I shall take proper care of him. She gave Rivanah a warm smile. It hit her like a poisoned arrow. Rivanah couldnt sleep that night even though, unlike the previous night, Danny was right next to her, sound asleep. The same relationship, Rivanah pondered, which had made her sniff freedom months back was pushing her to limit her career choice.

With her in London and Nitya taking care of Danny, she wouldnt be surprised if their relationship ballooned into love. And if that balloon started flying high she would never be able to catch it and burst it. Who would she blame then: Danny or herself?

Rivanah longed to talk to someone about this. She checked the messages on her phone once. Her message to the stranger still hadnt been delivered. Was he gone forever? Why did he come in the first place? Why was Hiya Chowdhurys laughter so important that he used it as a doorbell sound?

Would she never know about it at all? Thoughts about Danny and Nitya, the stranger and Hiya started intermingling in her mind, creating a jumble. Out of sheer frustration she sent the same message she did a day back to all the numbers she had saved of the stranger, and closed her eyes to think: she had never been a career-oriented girl.

All she needed was someone who loved her truly. And now when she had one, was it worth risking it all to go to London to work? At four in the morning she sat up on her bed, took her phone and typed a message for her team lead: Hi Sridhar, sorry to message you this late.

I had a talk with my parents. I wont be able to get my passport in the next three months. I think Ill let this opportunity go by. After sending it she checked her messages to the stranger once again. None were delivered. She called those numbers. None of them were switched on. As she walked down the lane she realized it was unusually quiet. The adjoining shops were shut; some of the street lights were also not working while the street dogs which usually hovered around were missing.

She checked her watch: 7. She wondered what was wrong and walked on. The moment she reached the end of the lane, she realized what was wrong. She had reached the same spot she had got out at. How is it possible? She turned with a fear slowly rising in her, which made her run towards the other end.

She reached the spot only to realize it was the same place where she started from. She kept running from one end of the lane to the other in a loop, unable to find her building.

Rivanah was sweating by now, perplexed at what was happening. She screamed for help but there was nobody around. As she for the umpteenth time tried to run to the other end, hoping to find her building this time, she noticed one of the street lights was on.

Its light fell directly on a grilled manhole. And from inside it a hand came up.

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Accompanying the hand was a voice. Help me, Rivanah. Help me. Im trapped. She didnt recognize the voice. With unsteady steps Rivanah reached the manhole. And through the grill saw her own self trapped inside. But as her own self saw her peeping, her visage changed into a demonic one that cried out, Ill get you, Rivanah. Soon, Ill get you. Rivanahs eyes snapped open. After a long time the nightmare had returned.

Sleep had been a far cry for Rivanah ever since coming back to Mumbai the previous weekend; she didnt know when she had dozed off that night.

She quickly gulped some water from the bottle by her side and, lowering the AC temperature by three degrees with the remote, she tried to close her eyes and relax. She found her mind working even more maliciously, all the while knitting imaginary tales involving Danny and Nitya. As if her mind had nothing else to think about. When did she become so insecure? She knew that the chances of Danny leaving her for Nitya were negligible but the thought still bothered her a great deal.

Rivanah sat up. Danny was sound asleep beside her. She caressed his hair. He didnt budge. Their love story wasnt a smooth one. She knew she had to still convince her parents about him but she was ready to fight it out.

But this new problem, the root of which lay deep within hershe didnt know how to uproot it. Rivanah felt choked looking at the calm edpression on Dannys face.

She would have burst into tears if she had not withdrawn herself away from him right at that moment. She went and drew the curtain of the window to inhale the fresh morning air. Dawn had just broken. She looked down and noticed a jogger on the footpath.

On an impulse she put on her tracksuit, got into her Converse shoes, tied her hair in a bun and looked at herself in the mirror. It was the same tracksuit she had worn to the gym when she was trying to woo Danny last year. A tiny smile touched her face. Things had moved so fast. Her thoughts shifted to how Ishita and she had tried to woo Danny together and how miserably the former had failed.

Ishita was the only one whom she could call a friend in Mumbai other than Danny, but she had shifted to Gurgaon following a new job. And all that remained of that friendship was a Like and a Comment on each others Facebook update. Rivanah felt the morning air work as an elixir as she started jogging on the lonely road right in front of her apartment. At least the motion of jogging took her mind off the garbage she had been pondering over almost all day and night. Rivanah slowed down on seeing a young girl running towards her.

She wasnt wearing a tracksuit and the way she was running told Rivanah she was in some kind of trouble. She waited for the girl to come close to her. The girl stopped right beside Rivanah.

Didi, please help me! I have a job interview and I live far from this place. Hence I left home early.

But these two boys have been following me and. The girl looked towards the end of the street where Rivanah, following her eyes, realized two guys in a bike had taken a turn.

Rivanah looked around. She spotted an autorickshaw approaching. Rivanah pulled the girl by her arm and in a flash stopped the autorickshaw and climbed in. The driver looked at her expectantly.

Police station! The autowallah took a U-turn and accelerated. Rivanah peeped out and realized the guys would catch up with them before they reach the police station. What do you have in that bag?

Rivanah asked the girl who immediately opened the bag and showed it to her. There was a tiffin box, a file, a deodorant, a few cosmetics, a hairbrush and an umbrella. Rivanah took out the umbrella and pulled its stem out without opening it. This time she didnt have to peep out. The guys on the bike had closed in on the autorickshaw. The autowallah asked them to behave only to be rebuked in the dirtiest of cuss words.

The guy riding pillion shouted to the one driving the bike that now they had two girlsone for his friend and one for him. They laughed in a lurid manner. The autowallah drove away from the bike but Rivanah asked the driver to take the auto close to the bike once more. Once that was done, she smiled at the guys, taking them by surprise, and then shoved the umbrella between the spikes of the bikes back wheel. The umbrella immediately broke but by then the bike and the guys on it were all over the road.

They hurled abuses at Rivanah as the autowallah sped past them. I hope you are not hurt, the girl said, sounding extremely relieved. Rivanah had felt a strong jerk in her hand but it was nothing serious. Fear is the most prized illusion we create for ourselves, dear. Never be afraid of such louts. They feed on our fear, Rivanah said. A smile of realization touched her face. These were the same words the stranger had once written on one of the embroidered white cloths he had sent her.

Ill always remember that, the girl said. Rivanah got off the auto at the closest traffic signal, asked the driver to drop the girl at her destination, and jogged back to her apartment. She did notice a few men trying to get the two bikers to hospital but she didnt care to stop.

Next time they would remember not to harass a girl on the road, she thought, and jogged on. While moving into her apartment building she realized that if this incident had happened two years back she would have never been able to help the girl the way she did this morning.

The guts, the attitude, the confidence to tackle the situation had developed in her since the last year. In a way, the stranger had become a part of her system. She might fear him but she wouldnt be able to sever herself from him. He was the one who had unlocked a secret Rivanah hidden within herself: a Rivanah who knew how to stand up and pack a punch. She went to her flat, showered and was ready for office.

By then even Danny and Nitya were ready. The latter had of late started working as an assistant to a famous stylist who had ample links in the film industry. There was a rehearsal for a show which was supposed to be attended by a top-notch film director and thus Danny had the right reason to tag along with Nitya. The fact that Nitya worked at a place where Danny could seek his professional break made Rivanah feel like an outcast.

She was in IT and there was no reason why Danny would ever tag along with her to her office. She didnt say much and stepped out before they did, wishing Danny luck. In the office Rivanah didnt call Danny even once. Nor did a call or message come from him. Though it was usual for Danny to not call her when he was out for work, it made Rivanah feel uneasy.

Five times that day she picked up her phone, almost tapping the Call button against his name, but she somehow didnt. She could feel a restlessness building up inside her but it couldnt locate a vent in the form of a person. In the evening she called her mother. Why are you calling at this time?

Everythings fine? Why, cant I call you just like that? Of course you can. But you generally call around eight in the evening. Rivanah talked with her mother for the next fifteen minutes. Many a time she thought of sharing her fear about Danny with her mother, but realized there came a time when you couldnt share everything with your mother, no matter how close she was to you. Being a grown up, you have to drink your poison yourself, she thought.

Was it time for her to accept the fact that, at twenty-three, she was a lonely soul? Something she had never thought was possible in her wildest dreams. In the evening Rivanah went to a lonely flat, had a lonely supper because Danny was still out and she didnt care where Nitya was.

At around eleven at night she got a call from Danny asking her to come to Hype, a nightclub in Bandra. Just when she thought she would have to resign to her inner loneliness, there was a spark of hope. Rivanah dressed up quickly and took a cab to Hype. And there she saw Danny and Nitya waiting for her. Tomorrow is Nityas birthday.

So I thought well celebrate it here itself, Danny said and realized the surprise wasnt well received by Rivanah. Nitya excused herself to go to the washroom and he tried to explain, Baby, I know I didnt tell you about this before.

And trust me, if Nitya wasnt single and hadnt done the shit she tried to do, I wouldnt have done this. Rivanah didnt bother to hear the rest. Its okay, Danny, she said. They cut the cake at midnight. Rivanah not only had to force herself to smile constantly but also had to click a lot of pictures of Danny and Nitya where both were either hugging or the latter kissing the formers cheek or, worse, had to pose between Danny and Nitya with the latter clicking their selfies.

Once they were done with the photos, Nitya asked her, May I ask your boyfriend for a dance? Rivanah was pissed off but nodded with a tight smile. As they danced, she went to the bar with a mild headache. She ordered her drink and considered going back home when she heard a mans voice. She was emotionally vulnerable and his timing was right. To add to it he was drop- dead handsome. She couldnt resist the urge to accompany him on the dance floor.

She hoped Danny would leave Nitya and come to her, at least out of jealousy. He didnt. In fact he flashed a smile at her which infuriated her and made her desperate to get out of the place. Do you mind taking a stroll with me outside? It was like he read her mind. Rivanah instantly agreed. Outside, she felt better till the handsome guy showed her a magic trick she wasnt prepared for. Excusing himself, he went away and then appeared right behind her. Then he went backwards, disappearing at the bend of the road and reappearing in front of her.

Rivanah stood awed at what was happening. Next a car came and stopped right in front of her. The handsome guy was beside her, inside the car by the steering and sitting in the back seat as wellall at the same time.

By the time she understood they were triplets she was pushed into the car. The loud music from the cars stereo muted her cries.

She fought hard but before her fear paralysed her to surrender herself to the look-alike beasts, the car came to a screeching halt. The three looked in front of the car. There was a jeep in front of them. A siren was flashing above it. Two policemen were standing by the jeep. One of the triplets started backing their car but was soon sandwiched by a police vehicle from behind. Four policementwo from each vehiclecame towards the car and knocked on the darkened windshield. By then the two guys had let go of Rivanah inside the car.

Novoneel Chakraborty

She unlocked the door and got out, almost kicking out one of the guys who looked as if he had peed in his pants. The policemen took the three guys inside one of their jeeps.

Rivanah meanwhile kept looking all around as if she knew he had to be around. Are you all right, madam? Who informed you? Rivanah asked, still looking around. Someone named Hiya Chowdhury, said the policeman. COM Fate is a smell, Mini. Follow it hard and you shall reach me. Rivanah had kept all the white cloths she had received embroidered with the messages from the stranger in her cupboard, with the last one on top.

The message. Hiyas laughter on the doorbell. And before she could ask the stranger about it he had vanished from her life. Last night when the policeman had mentioned the name Hiya Chowdhury, her jaw had dropped. But the answer to her next question revealed the reality.

Did she say anything else? It was a man. And Rivanah realized who it could be. What did he look like? We only received a call at our control room. The details say it was Hiya Chowdhury, a fifty-year-old man living in Byculla.

The address is. Rivanah didnt bother to listen. It had to be a wrong address. But the phone call also meant the stranger had been keeping an eye on her like always, though without making his presence felt. On the one hand she didnt know why he had become so dormant suddenlywas it due to the police threat?

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The stranger was around. Rivanah didnt tell Danny about the incident right then. One of the police jeeps had dropped her back at the nightclub. It was the next night, when Danny and she retired to bed, that she said, What will make you jealous, Danny?

What do you mean?

Danny was lying sideways, looking at her, resting his head on his hand. How did you feel when you saw me dancing with a guy the other night? Rivanah was lying on her back, looking at nothing specific on the ceiling. How am I supposed to feel when you were having a good time?

But I wasnt having that good time with you. But you were having a good time, right? The fact that Danny still didnt get what she was trying to imply irked her. Dont you get it, Danny?! I was jealous seeing Nitya and you dance, Rivanah framed in her mind how she would say it, and I dont want to see the two of you together again, no matter how much of an emotional catastrophe she is in. Yes, I was having a good time, Rivanah said aloud. She didnt know why she suddenly couldnt be honest about her feelings with him.

Was it because, if she said it, there was a possibility that Danny would judge her? Or was it because she judged her own self? You sound disconnected. Danny placed his hand across her bosom. How long will Nitya stay here? Danny understood the subtext of the query.

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He came closer and said, A few more days.Physically she was in the office with her team but mentally she was at her flat wondering what Danny and Nitya were up to. Somewhere within her the realization formed a knot. Did she say anything else? Why did he come in the first place? Why do you ask? The adjoining shops were shut; some of the street lights were also not working while the street dogs which usually hovered around were missing. She tried to move but couldnt. With a clogged mind she took a cab straight to Dannys friends flat in Andheri, Lokhandwala, where she had been living with Danny for about two weeks now.

And again. Why are you calling at this time?

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