ZANDER — The most feared of all the Eternal Guardians. It's rumored he can't be killed, and he always fights like he has nothing to lose. But even he has to. DEMETRIUS—He's the hulking, brooding warrior his fellow Guardians avoid. Too dark. Too damaged. And given his heritage, he knows it's best to keep. E-book entwined eternal guardians 2 by elisabeth naughton download pdf id: 4a0poql g55y. Download link: Download or read entwined eternal guardians 2 by.

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Read online or Download Entwined (Eternal Guardians Series #2) (Full PDF ebook with essay, research paper) by Elisabeth Naughton. Product Details. Tempted (Eternal Guardians) Elisabeth Naughton. "The sensuality of Sherrilyn (Eternal Guardians) pdf · Read Online Tempted (Eternal Guardians) pdf. Free Download Entwined Eternal Guardians 2 By Elisabeth Naughton PDF File at our ebook Library. Filename: Entwined Eternal Guardians 2 By Elisabeth.

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He focused on his breathing—on the steady in and out—in an attempt to stay calm. When she moved around to stand in front of him, repeating the order, he averted his eyes from her face and focused on the fitted white sweater she wore instead. Her gasp brought his head up. You need this stitched closed before infection sets in. A jolt ran through him at the contact, but he ignored it.

The last thing he needed was her hands on his body more than was already necessary. And before he realized it, he was staring into eyes like a Caribbean sunset in the human world.

Thoughts vanished from his mind. Tempted him to reach for her and find out if she felt it, too. She had to feel something when she saw him.

Wait for Me

When she stood this close. When she touched him. A movie of their time together flickered in front of his face. And then when he got to the part where she betrayed him, that blaze went out. Leaving behind nothing but charred ash and ruins.

Their past was over and done with. The Fates had screwed him in more ways than one.

Ensnared by Elisabeth Naughton

Then glanced back at her sweater. Oh, man, they were as round and plump and gorgeous as he remembered, and he was almost sure he could see her nipples straining against the soft cotton.

If he lifted his right arm, just a little, he could touch one. Could feel the nub swell and harden beneath his fing— She stepped back slowly. Set the supplies and her stethoscope down.


Cleared her throat. The sound brought his thoughts back where they should be. But the quiver to her voice when she spoke told him his harsh command had gotten through loud and clear. And why that made him feel like an ass, he had no clue.

That suited him just fine. He only wanted out of this room. Naughton created quite a page turner in telling the story of Felicity and Marco.

Once I started this novella, I literally could not put it down. I did not want it to end, and I also begrudgingly had to come to terms with the end of this series overall! I seldom come across a romance novel that entails so many varying components so skillfully put together. Truly a work of art! I did not want this novella to end! I knew they had to have an explosive backstory and boy do they ever!

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Felicity is out to change how the Entente works and so is Marco, but he is doing it all on the down low, when everyone in the Entente know that Felicity is out to make changes that not everyone wants to see. Marco is sent to take care of Felicity and stop her from finding a certain list that may have his name on it.

However what she finds is not a list, but I love that we finally get Marco's and Felicity's story in this novella. However what she finds is not a list, but a video that is out to blackmail her and her father. But who is wanting that? It doesn't take them long to figure it out.

After of course being shot at, jumping from a balcony stories high up off the ground, and hiding away in a little apartment. Marco and Felicity have always shown great love and romance in the full length House of Sin books and it was so nice to see how the two came to be together when it was only hinted at in the other books of the series.

I do wish their book was a bit longer, but was still so great to see how lightning struck them both and they knew, although it took one longer than the other to realize this.When she touched him. Warmth gathered low in her belly. I won't spoil the cool ending, but it was definitely a quick fun read.

The characters have appropriately tragic back stories, but they're all fairly stereotypical to this sub-genre.

Ryan Harrison, handsome and charismatic CEO of a huge pharmaceutical company had lost his wife, Annie, in an air crash 5 years previously. Another ran down the outside of his left bicep, this one redder and deeper, the puckered ridge indicating the injury had happened more recently than the others. I do wish their book was a bit longer, but was still so great to see how lightning struck them both and they knew, although it took one longer than the other to realize this.

They were immortal.

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