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Pakistan Affairs Pdf Below are links of Two Timelines of Islamic History files in Pdf format Sir Syed wrote his famous book “Assar as Sanadid”. PAKISTAN AFFAIRS The CSS Point is not responsible of any fact mentioned in the book. .. Zafarullah Khan had Foreign Affairs. Pakistan Affairs Books - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. books of PA.

O College of Aligarh got the status of University. Ghazi Ilm-ud-Din killed Rajpal. Death of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar. Rahmat Ali. Bahawalpur was the first state which joined Pakistan. Choudhry Rahmat Ali died. Muhammad Ali became Prime Minister. Sikandar Mirza abrogated the Constitution and dissolved Assemblies 8th October. Martial Law was imposed by Sikandar Mirza 27th October Ayub Khan became the president of Pakistan Agricultural reforms was introduced Creation of commission for new constitution of Pakistan Death of I.

Chandrigar Family law ordinance was introduced Ayub Khan announced the second constitution of Pakistan Third constituent assembly came into existence 3rd March Pakistan China border treaty was signed. Pakistan Democratic Movement was established.

Land reforms announced by PPP regime The first Phase of nationalization began when the government took over 31 Industrial Units 14th August. Third constitution was enforced by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto The second phase of nationalization began and culminated in the takeover of rice husking Units in Feb. Pakistan established diplomatic relations with Bangladesh.

Zia-ul-Haq, Chief of the army, took over the government. Death of Maulana Abu-Alla Maududi. Zakat and Usher Ordinance enforced in Pakistan. Majlis-e-Shoora was nominated. Referendum was held by Zia-ul-Haq on the question whether the people of Pakistan endorse the process of Islamisation and orderly transfer of Power to the elected representative 17th March. Constitution of was revived with certain amendments by Zia-ul-Haq 23th March.

Elections for 8th constitution assembly held, PPP emerged as the single largest party 1st December. Benazir became the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan 24th October.

Elections for 9th constituent assembly were held 6th August. Benazir government dissolved by President Ishaq Khan 6th November. Nawaz Sharif government dissolved by the President. Dissolution was challenged and Assemblies were later on unconditionally restored by Supreme Court 18th July.

Prime Minister and President both resigned by agreement. Benazir took oath of office as Prime Minister for the second time 6th October. The general elections for the 10th Constituent Assembly was held April. Pakistan became the member of WTO. Death of Dr. Abdus Salam. Through 13th amendment Articles 58 2b and 2 b were deleted from the constitution 2nd February.

General elections for 11th Constituent Assembly were held 28th May. Nuclear device is exploded at Chaaghi July. General Musharraf assumed the office is President of Pakistan 15th November.

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The government enforced the condition of graduation for candidates contesting for General Election 23rd November. Elections were held in Pakistan for 12th Constitution Assembly. Pakistan successfully test fired its first cruise missile Babar.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7. Supreme Court reinstated Chief Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in its historical verdict 5th October. National Reconciliation Ordinance was promulgated in Pakistan 6th October Presidential elections of Pakistan was held. Kargil Crisis in Musharaf elected president 10th on 20 June, First satellite Badr-I launched on 16 July, On 28 May, five blasts made at Chagi, the day is known as Yum-e-Takbir.

On 17 May, India blasted in Pokhran Rajistan. Pak: entered nuclear club on 28 May, EBODO promulgated in PRODA came in Wheat crisis occurred in Number of basic democratc was 80, Ghuauri is Surface to Surface missile. Anza is Surface to Air missile. Age of senator is Age of PM is Number of tribal areas is Capital of was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad on 1 August Indus Basin Treaty was concluded on 19th Sep Tashkent Declaration was signed on 10 Jan Saudi King Shah Faisal visited Pakistan in the year of and Pakistan was suspended from commonwealth on 18 Oct Ghulam Muhammad was finance minister before becoming governor general of Pakistan.

Badr I launched on 16th July First Agriculture University was established in Faisalabasd. Important Events Mahmud Ghaznavi - Mahmud ghaznavi was the muslim ruler of ghazni who gained fame by raiding india on seventeem times from to A.

On each occasion he defeated hindu kings and returned to Ghazni with enormous wealth. He is the person who bring Islam in sub-continent by capturing the Sommnath.

Jahangir imprisoned him for his religious activities but released him shortly afterwards. Sheikh ahmed Sirhindi propounded the doctrine of Wahdatul Shahud which successfully countered the Bhakti philosophy of Wahdatul Wujud. He was defeated by Babur in the First Battle of Panipat in Zahir-ul-din Babur 2. Humayun 3. Akber 4. Jahangir 5. Shahjahan 6.

Orangzeb alamgir 7. Ignorance of religious beliefs 2. Lack of solidarity 3. Centralization of mughul Administration 4. No law of succession 5. Weakness of Character 6. Educational Decline 7. Military weakness 8. No naval Force 25 www.

The other European colonialist powers had lost their will to keep themselves in row with the English because of their superiority on seas.

Lord Clive established English influence on sound footing and returned to england in When no rival European power was left on the scene , the English took advantage of the unsettled conditions of India and consolidated themselves politically. They clevely played one local ruler against the other and conquered India with the might of india. They demonstrated a great diplomati skill and employed improved arms with a better knowledge of warfare.

The indian rulers at last fell a victim to their own entanglement. They were either forced to accept the authority of East India Company or to be completely wiped off.

This process of expansion of the british occupation od India continued in one form orthe other. Kingdom after kingdom fell and then English finally pushed themselves ahead to succeed the mughuls.

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Jehad Movement Jehad Movement was started by Syed Ahmed Barelvi and his companions in the first half of the 19th century. This movement aimed at taking back control of India from the british and the Sikhs. Jehad movement met some sucess in its early stage when the Mujahideen defeated Sikh army and captured Peshawar.

Pakistan Affairs Complete Notes By Shakeel Babar

Two Nation Theory separate religion, language, architecture, culture and way of life. This theory formed the basis of the pakistan movement which finally led to the creation of pakistan in In the view of Allama Iqbal: "India is a continent of human groups belonging to different races , speaking different languages and professing different religions Even the Hindus do not form a homogeneous group.

The 26 www. We are a nation of a hundred million and what is more we are a nation with our own distinct culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names nad nomenclature, sense of values and proportion" It is the theory that the hindus and muslims are two different nations because each of them has a Hindi-Urdu Controversy Hindi- Urdu Controversy became the focus of nation attention in when some hindus of benarus tried to replace urdu with hindi as the court language.

Sir syed ahmed was disappointed at the anti-Muslim attitude of Hindus. War of Independence The muslim of the Sub-continent fought a war of Independence in to overthrow the British Raj. However, this war could not succeed because it lacked competent leadership, coordination troops , military and financial resources and modern weapons. After the war, the British held the muslim responsible for this catastrophe and unleashed a wave of oppression and repression on them Deoband Movement Deoband movement was a socio-religious movement of Indian in the later half of the 19th century.

It was started by Maulana Mohd Qasim Nanautvi in It aimed at educating the muslims in purely religious subjects by keeping english out of its syllabus. It laid stress on 27 www. The convention was attended by 31 muslim religious scholars belonging to all sects od Islam.

The Ulema agreed on 22 points Establishment of pakistan Initial problems and events 1. Demarcation of boundaries Congress Reaction 3. Uprooting of muslim in punjab 4. Refugees problem and their resettlement 5. Division of Armed forces and Military Assets 6. Division of financial Assets 7. Canal Water Dispute 8. Accession of Princely states junagarh,kashmir and hyderabad 9. Constitutional problem Later on, these points became the basis for the separation movement by Bengalis.

According to this agreement, both the countries agreed to protect the rights of their minorities and undertook to stop propaganda against each other. The way brought in its wake many issue, which included the release of PoWs, trial of selected PoWs, return of Baharis to pakistan and recognition of bangladesh.

In july , Z. About thirty-one distinct languages are spoken in pakistan, not counting a number of dialects, but no single language is commonly spoken or understood in all parts of the country. Many of the languages are spoken by a relatively small proportion of the population and some are not even commonly written, but sentiment and association among the speakers is almost invariably opposed to absorption into one of the larger units. With minor exception all the languages are also spoken outside the country Ratio of languages of pakistan 1.

Urdu 7. Punjabi Pushto Sindhi Balochi 3. Saraiki Others 4.

Pakistan Affairs Complete History 1947-2017 | Dawn Special Reports | Download in PDF

First five year plan 2. Second five year plan 3. Third five year plan 4.

Fourth five year plan 5. Fifth five year plan 6. Sixth five year plan 7. Seventh five year plan 8. Eighth five year plan 9. Ninth five year plan 30 www. The largest commercial bank is Habib bank Ltd with Rs. Muztagh Pass 2. Karakoram Pass 3. Khan kun Pass 4. Zagar Pass 5. Kilik Pass 6. Khunjrab Pass 7. Mintaka Pass 8. Dorath Pass 9. Babusar Pass Shandur Pass Lowari Pass Buroghil Pass Khyber Pass Shimshal Pass Ganshero Pass Tochi Pass Gomal Pass Durgai Pass Malakand Pass 33 www.

American Express Bank Ltd 4. Standard Chartared Grindlays Bank Ltd 5. Bank of Tokyo Mitsubisho Ltd 6. Bank of Ceylon 7. Citibank N. Deutsche Bank A. Emirates Bank International Ltd Habib bank A. G Zurich Mashreq Bank P. Oman Internation Bank S. G 13 Rupali Bank Ltd The Saindak Metal is the first important metal mining project in pakistan. It is designed to produce tonnes of blister copper annually which contained gold 1. The anthem consist of 50 words arranged in 15 lines.

Renowned musician "Abdul Karim Chhagle" composed the Anthem. A total number of 11 male and female singers took part in its musical composition.

Pakistan national anthem was first played on 13th august, before "Shah of Iran Raza Shah Pehlavi". The directorate has 12 regions and branches in pakistan. Pakistan republic day 23rd march 2. Labour day 1st may 3. Bank Holiday 1st july 4. Independence day 14th aug 5. Defence day 6th sep 6. Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam 11th sep 7.

Birth Anniversay of Allama Iqbal 9th nov 8. Ayub khan took over as the president on 17th feb , and Gen. A M Yahya khan took over on 31st mar. It embodied the basic principles for the future contituent of pakistan. The objective resolution stated that the sovereignty belonged to Allah and declared that the Muslims of pakistan would lead their lives according to the principles of Islam and The minorities would b free to practise their religions.

Rann of Kutch Rann of Kutch is a wide stretch of marshy land situated towards the south-east of pakistan. In this area became a scene of border clash betweem india and pak. Indus water Treaty Indus water treaty was signed by india and pakistan in to resolve the outstanding canal water dispute between the two countriesFirst Constituent Assembly First constituent assembly held its first meeting on 10th august, Later on,the numer of members was raised to This first constituent assemble was dissolved by 38 www.

Khalifa hameeduddin and Maulvi Ghulam Ullah were elected as its first president and secretary respectively. Later on, the Anjuman opened many educational and welfare institutionsion Lahore. Out of these Islamia college Railway road became very famous. The students of Islamia college arranged the annual meeting of muslim league at Lahore on 23rd march which passed lahore resolution. Two years later, in it was given the status of a college.

It functioned from to and educated thousands of muslim students who formed the vanguard of pakistan movement. This college was given the status of a muslim university in ,after the death of Sir syed ahmed khan.

Kot Digi Fort is in Khairpur district. Peshawar means city of flowers. Warsak dam near Peshawar is built on Kabul River. Quaid Azam Medical College is in Bahawalpur. Choukundi toms are located near Karachi. Atock Fort was built by Akbar.

Ruins of Harapa found in Sahiwal. Lahore Fort was built by Akbar. At Toonsa Sharif the borders of three provinces meet. Tochi pass connects Pak: with China. Pak: has 27 Radio Stations. Pak: railways factory is in Risalpur. Chitral is famous for gold. National flower of Pakistan is Jasmine. National bird of Pakistan is Chakore. National tree of Pakistan is Deodar. National animal of Pakistan is Markhor a type of goat.

National emblem of Pakistan is Cresent. National sport of Pakistan is land Hockey. Oldest cantonment of Pak: is Kohat. HQ of Airforce is at Chaklala. HQ of Navy is at Islamabad. Islamabad is 8 miles from Rawalpindi. Photograph on the coin of one rupee is Quaids photo. Largest radio station of Pak: is Islamabad. Raeewind is in Kasur.

Baitul Maal established in General sales tax, under the constitution is a Federal subject. Pak: national flag was adopted on 11 August, Jasmine adopted on July 5, National drink is Cane Juice. India got Ravi, Sutlaj. Chenab and Jehlum flow from Kashmir. Tirchmir is the highest peak of Hindukash. A bicameral legislature was proposed for the first time in constitution.

Length of Pak-India border is 1, km. Length of Pak-Iran border is km. Length of Pak-China border is km. Length of Pak-Afghan border is km or miles. Warsak dam is on Kabul River. Rawal Dam is on Kurrang River. Khanpur dam is on Haro River. Tanda dam is in Baluchistan.

Tarbela deam was completed in Length of Indus is km. Source of Indus is Mansoorowar Lake in Gilgit. Muztag pass connects Gilgit-Yarkand China.

Bolan pass connects Queta-Afghanistan. Length of Silk Rourte Korakorum Route is km. Geneva Pact was signed on 14th April, Simpla Pact was singed on 3rd July, Numb: of ammendements made Numb: of troops in a division are to 20, Numb: of troops in brigade is to Geographical divisions of Pak: are 1.

Northern Mountains, 2. Western off-shoots of Himalayas, 3. Baluchistan Plateau, 4. Lower Indus Plain, 6. Thar desert. Pak: has 3 stock exchanges confirm it. Broad Peak I is on Karokarum range. Colonel Sher Khan belonged to Sindh Regement.

Kot Diji is a fort in Khairpur. Ancient mosque of Pak: is at Bhambhor. Time taken to sing National Anthem is 1 minute, 20 sec. Instruments used are Rashid Minhas martyred in August Mangla dam is on river Jehlum. Jhat Pat is the old name of Dera Allah Yar. There are 7 rivers in Baluchistan. Mast Tawakkal was the poet of Balochi. Khanpur dam is near Haripur. Skardu is also called Little Tibet.

Swat became part of Pakistan in The most precious gemstone Emerald are found in Swat. The alphabet of Pushto was prepared by Saifullah. First poet of Pushto was Amir Karar. Saiful Maluk is near Naran.

Dera Adam khan is famous for Gun factory. Pakistan Forest Institution is located in Peshawar. Bala Hassan Fort was built by Babrat at Peshawar. British took Peshawar from Sikhs.


Population-wise NWFP stands 3rd. Area-wise it is 4th. Lands down Bridge connect Sukkur with Rohri. Guddu Barrage was completed in In constitution there are articles. Real name of Shaikh Ayaz is Shaikh Mubarak. Famous glaciers are Siachen, Batura, Baltoro. K2 Karakurum Range with meters. Tomb of Babur is in Kabul. Pak: test fired Ghauri missile in April 6, First nuclear reactor was setup in Karachi.

Pak:s first agriculture university setup in Faisalabad. Chomas festival is held in Kalash valley near Chitral. Nearest provincial capital from Islamabad is Peshawar. Tomb of Hamayoon is in Delhi. Tomb of Jahangir is at Lahore.

National Assembly has 60 women seats.

National anthem was written in Gandhara civilization discovered from Texila. Social Action Plan launched in Rahmat Ali died at the age of 58 in and was buried in Cambridge University. Ancient name of Peshawar was Phushkalvati. Landi Khani is the end of the main line of Railway system of Pakistan. Cholistan desert is in Bahawlpur district.

Harpa is in Sahiwal. Bhambhore is in Thatta. Tomb of Baba Farid is in Pak Patan. Tomb of Sachal is in Ranipur. Nishtar Hospital is the largest hospital in Pakistan and was built in Nanga Parbat is situated in Himalayan. Pakistan is situated at the West End of the Indo Gangetic. Wakhan separates Pakistan from Tajikistan. Hindu-kush range is also known as Little Pamirs. Sub-Himalya is also known as Siwaliks. Takt-I-Suleman is the highest peak of Sulaiman Mountains.

The length of Indus River is km. Six barrages are constructed on the River Indus.

Hispar Glacies is located in Hunza. The famous Umar Kot fort was built in Katch and Gawadar are the districts of Makran Division. Punjgore is the district of Makran division. Meaning of Quetta is fort. The total length of coastline of Pakistan is Cease Fire line came into existence in Pakistan can be divided into six natural regions. The coldest place in Pakistan is Sakardu.

Most of the Hosiery Industry is located in Karachi. The Heavy Mechanical complex was established with the help of China at Taxila.

The first Census in the subcontinent took place in the year Wheat is the major Kharif Crop of Pakistan. Kotli is the city of Azad Kashmir. The SOS village built in Faisalabad. Pakistan celebrated Quaids year in Maulana Shibly wrote books on Islamic History. The first translation of the Holy Quran was in Sindhi. Qutab Minar is in Delhi. Cholistan Desert is in Bahawalpur. Pakistan can be divided per climate into 4 regions.

Hashim Shah wrote Sassi Punnu. The British Communal Award was announced in Land between two rivers is called Do, aba.

Sindh River flows from Bolan River. Kohat is the oldest cantonment of Pakistan. Muslims were interested in the art of Calligraphy. The length of Durand Line is km. The length of Pakistans common border with Iran is km. Chinese province adjoining Pakistan is Sinkiang. Jinnah Barrage is originated on the river Sindh. The height of Tarbela Dam is feet. Wah city of Pakistan is linked with cement, arms and ammunition industry. Sukkur barrage is completed in Khanpur Dam is near Islamabad.

Simly Lake is near Islamabad. Khanpur Dam irrigates Attock and Abbotabad. Sassi was born in Bhutta Wahan. Baba Farid Shakar Gunj died at Pakpattan in Nishtar hospital is the largest hospital in Pakistan. Sahiwal is the new name of Montgomery. Noor Mahal is located at Bahawalpur. The founder of Suharwardi silsila in Pakistan is Rukn-e-Alam.

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Baheshti Darwaza is located in Pakpattan. The tomb of Anarkali is situated in at Lahore. Shahjehan built Shalimar Garden. Badshaahi mosque was built in The construction of Islamabad began in Sher Shah built G.

Imperial Highway is the old name of G. Karakoram highway passes through 3 ranges.As preemptive measure he ordered the killing of 10 British 10 Japanese and one Portuguese man. First five year plan 2. National flower of Pakistan is Jasmine. Jun 23, Gunmen have killed 10 people, including at least nine foreign tourists. According to this agreement, both the countries agreed to protect the rights of their minorities and undertook to stop propaganda against each other.

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