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Nationality: American. - Age: 66 years old. - Notable work: A Song of Ice and Fire (6 books). - Main activities: writing short novels and awesome books series. Here you can directly get it ⇩. ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, site, Audiobook, mobi, ZIP. Download >> A Song of Ice and Fire. k views · View 2 Upvoters. PDF | 2 hours read | George R.R. Martin's world is filled with music. “A Song of Ice and Fire”, for it already indicates the importance of the.

Those who grow up with it have heard it for so long that it has become simply background noise, barely noticeable, sounds without meaning. It provides the rhythm of their lives, but it might as well be inaudible, coming from a place so far away, beyond the sight or reach of most of Westerosthe North, where men go to forget and be forgotten. What began as a legacy that the sons of kings were proud to embrace has become a dying tradition, fueled by stubbornness as much as the will of the king.

The Wall of ice raised by Bran the Builder to keep back the monsters without has stood through time, even though the host of men who guard it dwindle with each passing year. Underneath it all, though, the land has not forgotten. Winter is Coming, it says, and the cold and ice and those that live beyond the ken of the Iron Throne will not scruple to send warning of their coming.

The Wall and the Watch remember, and throughout the long night of neglect and need have stood their post, ready and waiting.

When the drum sounds clear, the Watch will hold the lineor fall trying. It looks at the things that drive men to take the Black, what their training looks like upon arrival, the fates of those who desert the Wall and betray their Oath, as well as a look at the History of the Nights Watch.

This chapter also provides rules for creating Sworn Brothers of the Nights Watch, and a modification of the House Creation rules for establishing House Resource traits for each of the castles along the Wall, treating each as their own House. This chapter also includes descriptions of the characters of the Nights Watch, and a look at the lands of the Gift.

Finally, this chapter ends with a selection of Rangings, single-page encounters that range from simple scouting missions to full military undertakings by the Nights Watch. It describes the tribal life of the wildlings and a look at the many tribes themselves.

Book:A Song of Ice and Fire

This chapter covers the geography of the Far North, as well. Rules for creating wildling characters, and using the House Creation rules to create wildling tribes can be found here, along with a handful of plot hooks and storylines for chronicles in which the protagonists are of the Free Folk. Chapter 4: Lords of the Long Night describes the Others, those mysterious creatures of white mist and black death who only now begin to stir from their ages-long sleep. This section describes some Others from oral tradition and folklore, describing creatures whose stories are still told as childrens fairy tales in the Northbut which may have a foundation in a terrifying truth.

The chapter ends with a selection of single-page encounters with the Others and their horrific servitors. It is tempting to think that the setting begins and ends with them, with the great houses or the bannermen thereof. There are other forces in Westeros, however, whether they play their own game, hoping to be the power behind the Iron Throne, or refusing to take part in any game whatsoever.

The Nights Watch adopts the latter philosophy. It is particularly well suited to campaigns that are less politically oriented.

If your group is more interested in exploring untamed wilderness, or potentially dealing with supernatural threats than in the interplay of houses, then the Wall and the lands beyond it will be of interest to you.

The Watch is an unusually egalitarian organization for Westeros. Men of any background can rise to become valued members of the Watch, even Lord Commander. While true meritocracies have never existed, the Nights Watch is as close to one as Westeros has ever had.

This allows for a much greater variety of backgrounds and a much more direct purpose for character groups than other chronicles in A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying might easily provide. Between its military structure, the difficulties of mixing such widely varying social classes and value systems as its members bring with them, and the pain and joy of exile without truly leaving home, the Nights Watch is an excellent source of drama and intrigue for characters while providing a closely knit playing experience and a somewhat more traditional fantasy setting for players.

It includes information on Watch characters and campaigns as well as on the history and challenges of the Watch. The free folk and the lands beyond the wall are likewise examined and expanded, including character creation information for the free folk to let your players take on SIFRP from a wildling perspective.

In addition to human issues, the geography of the Wall and the lands beyond are presented in more detail, allowing you to flesh out the locations that really bring a Watch or free folk chronicle to life. This includes information about and stats for some of the creatures that live beyond the Wall as well, including a number of types of Others, their legends surviving far beyond living memory.

Timeline The Nights Watch has a long and storied history, more so than most within Westeros could remembereven if theyd known it to begin with. The men of the Watch remember, however, and their castles are filled with untold numbers of books documenting their lives, histories, and challenges.

Year Event The Long Night. A winter came that lasted for decades, and within it, a darkness that lasted a generation. Famine and fear gripped the land. During this time, the Others came from the far North with their thin blades and icy magic, battling the First Men and the Children of the Forest, pushing them southward. In the wake of the alliance between the First Men and the hero Azor Ahai and the children of the forest who threw back the Others, Brandon Stark, also called Bran the Builder, created a great wall made of ice, stone, and magic to keep the Others sealed in the north.

Stark becomes the first King of the North. The Nights Watch is founded to guard the wall and prevent the Others from crossing it. The name of the first Lord Commander is lost to the ravages of time. He declares himself king with her as his queen and binds the men under his command with sorcery. The wildlings and the Starks band together to destroy him; once they do, it is learned that he was sacrificing the Brothers under his command to the Others.

His name is stricken from the annals of the Watch forever. The Watch kills the brother kings-beyond-the-Wall, Gendel and Gorne. The men of Snowgate and the Nightfort declare war on one another.

The Starks are forced to intervene to put a stop to it. The Nightfort, the first castle on the wall, is abandoned.

Snowgate is renamed Queensgate. Deep Lake is commissioned and financed by Queen Alysanne. Maester Aemon refuses the crown and takes the Black. This is especially true when approaching a setting as popularand as embracing of some of its uglier societal aspectsas A Song of Ice and Fire. There is a strict gender divide within the novels; although there are characters who manage to step outside their prescribed social roles, the society usually mercilessly extracts a cost for doing so.

Nowhere is this more true than in the Nights Watch, which, as a feudal, remotely stationed military organization, has a definite monastic influence upon it. It is unashamedly male, from top to bottom. There is no sign saying No Girls Allowed, but there might as well be.

In a corps filled with murderers, rapists, criminals, common and uncommon men of all typesall sworn to celibacythere just isnt any room for mixed genders on the Wall. The story of Danny Flint, the young woman who dressed as a man to take the Black and ended up raped and murdered for it, stands as a stern warning against such things.

By this means the Iron Throne keeps the aspirations of the Nights Watch in check; no hope of progeny and no heirs for a legacy make it difficult to justify turning against ones king. If the players wish to strictly emulate the books, then there cannot be female characters in the Watch.

Women live in the Gift and fight among the free folk in the lands beyond, but they will never stand watch on the Wall. This book was written with the novels in mind, and thus has held to that stricture. That being said, keep in mind the cardinal rule of roleplaying: Have Fun.

Maybe Queen Alysanne has sponsored a sisterhood to hold her castle, standing separate from the Black Brothers yet equal to them in status. Perhaps the Watch, in desperate straits, has begun to take on women to make up for the lack of manpoweror more radically, in your groups version of the setting, they have always allowed women to sign on.

Regardless of what you and your group choose, however, A Song of Ice and Fire will never portray a world with gender equality; the concept is simply not present within the books. Of course, every rule has its exceptions, and player characters are nothing if not exceptional. Make your choices with that in mind. Songs and ballads were filled with characters from the black brotherhood. The romantic idea of a man taking the black to escape his past or find a new future became a common theme in the old stories.

Now the Nights Watch exists only as a shadow of its former glory, clinging to its traditions and ever mindful of its duty.

With barely enough men to garrison Castle Black, they hold three castles along the Wall, always keeping their eyes to the Far North.

Throughout the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, men see the Wall as a last refuge for criminals fleeing the Kings justice. Every year, fewer nobles send their sons to join the brotherhoods ranks, and the self-absorbed Houses show less and less concern about the goings on in the Far North.

Meanwhile, beyond the Wall, the wildlings grow bolder, ever probing along the long fortification for any weak or unguarded spot they can find. At every twist and turn, the wildings are a constant danger to the men of the Watch, who the free folk derisively call crows for their black cloaks and their perch on high upon the Wall. Rumors spread of a leader, a new King-beyond-the-Wall capable of leading the free folk against the brotherhood.

Beings once whispered about in hushed voices or dismissed as legend have been sighted in the wilds, and are proving themselves to be far too real. The Others.

The tales told of the Nights Watch also have a core of truth. They are men from all walks of life, bound together by oath and mutual trust into one of the most skilled fighting forces in Westeros. A threadbare band of brothers, dedicated to defending a land that ignores them from an implacable and limitless foe.

Their stories are tales of courage in the face of death, of reformed pirates who become lords, and of bastards who become commanders. They are stories of new beginnings, of old regrets, of refuge, vengeance, and desperation. And they are the stories of the South, because despite its remoteness, even the Wall is not immune from the Game of Thrones. This chapter takes you inside the Nights Watch, from learning why a man takes the black in the first place, to the traditions and history of the black brotherhood.

A brothers life is harder than and different from his southron counterparthis stories differ from the tales of noble lords and smallfolk in the South, and this chapter contains information on how a Nights Watch campaign will differ from a normal SIFRP campaign in both arc and tone. Scattered throughout, youll find adventure Cold and hard and mean, thats the W all and the men who walk it. Not like the stories your wet nurse told you. Well, piss on the stories and piss on your wet nurse.

T his is the way it is, and youre here for life, same as the rest of us. Some come because they have no choice, some because they have no other option, and some for no reason that others can discern. The Game of Thrones is about loyalties, bloodlines, and inheritance. Legacies are power, and matrimony and progeny is how these things are secured.

That sort of life is not ideal for everyone, though. In the oath of the Nights Watch, it states: I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.

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Short of a maesters chain, the Watch is nearly the only group in Westeros where both highborn and common men who do not want a wife or children can live unpressured by society, not thought of as strange or somehow deviant for not wishing to or being unable to provide an heir. Sex with women is prohibited to the extent that it forms external ties; the Watch tends to turn a blind eye to sexual expression that precludes those possibilities, whether its visiting girls in Moles Town, romancing free folk women, or same-sex relationships between brothers.

It is clear from the novels that homosexuality is not viewed in anything like the way modern society sees them. Close same-sex relationships are common and expected throughout society. Physical intimacy in those relationships is also common and expected. Sexual intimacy is an act, not an identity, and exists apart from and alongside same-sex bonding within Westerosi society.

So long as personal attachments and preferences dont get in the way of the Game of Thrones, its no ones businessand on the Wall, the Game of Thrones is largely moot.

In short, however a man stays warm on the Wall is, frankly, his own business, so long as all parties are consenting. There are more important things to worry about when the Long Night comes. For those interested in the mechanics of a Nights Watch campaign, or eager to take the black themselves, jump ahead to Creating Nights Watch Characters on page A criminal deserter is killed as soon as he can be found, his pardon forfeit when he flees his duty.

Some lowborn recruits come of their own volition, or leap at the opportunity when it is offered. The tales of the Wall as a place where a man succeeds on his merits entice men who want a better future.

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For them, the restrictions of the Oath are no great hardship. Its easy to abandon gold when a man has never known it. Easier still to abandon title and lands that have never been his.

In exchange a commoner who joins the Brotherhood gains things he never had access to before: education, a warm bed, and three meals a day. A man receives equipment that might cost a years earnings or more for following orders and working hard. It is the reputation of the Wall itself that keeps lowborn men from flooding the Far North. There is no illusion that the Wall is anything less than a death sentencethe final stop on the way to the Strangers side.

Some common-born families grieve for their sons in the Watch as though death had already claimed them. It is a sad yet appropriate response given that they will neither see nor hear from the child again, and even in death his grave will be a lonely marker on the stony frozen ground of the Far North. There is another lure in the hard life of the Nights Watch, and it draws both noble and lowborn commoner alike.

So, can academic criticism take us beyond simple praise vs.

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Oh yes. Now that really would be fantasy.

Instead, this book elaborates on the debates around particular characters, scenes and narrative adaptation decisions, to great effect. Pretty much all varieties of contemporary feminist analysis are well represented here. The issues are clearly important — but there is also fun to be had, deciding who you dis agree with, and why. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. The recipient can redeem the code here.

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Hmm, it looks like Javascript may not be running or disabled.F] Corporations and Other Business Associations: Finally, this chapter ends with a selection of Rangings, single-page encounters that range from simple scouting missions to full military undertakings by the Nights Watch.

Some hold the rangers in high regard, other view them as little more than leeches that siphon off the fruits of the stewards labor and give nothing of value in return. Spread the word!

Some wildling women, abandoned by their men and unsure how they will feed their babes abandon their children at the edge of the. The rangers, the most well-known of the Brotherhoods divisions, are tasked with patrolling the Far North and dealing with the wildlings on their own terms. Contrary to perception, this is as likely to happen. Most of these men hook up with a tribe of wildlings, where their battle skills are celebrated, and their knowledge of the Watch makes them into dangerous opponents.

A brother who shows that he cant be trusted is as much of a threat as the wildlings beyond the Wall. Rangers occasionally bring back young orphans found while ranging, and these wildling children are brought up as members of the black brotherhood.

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