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No matter how you use it getting into the daily habit of journaling has the potential to improve the quality of your life. Let the words flow from the heart and be filled with emotions, no holdbacks Make a daily journaling schedule.

Each and every day take the time to record your thoughts morning and night. If you love to type notes into your phone all day transfer them to your journal after. Sit in a quiet spot and allow yourself to be judgement free. Your journal is not a reason to turn yourself into an emotional punching bag. Start small. You do not need to write a specific number of words.

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Along with her parents, two sisters and a brother, she had to flee Sialkot in the aftermath of partition in The family eventually settled in Mussoorie, a hill-station in India, nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Right from her childhood, Santosh was exposed to mystical subjects as her father had an affinity for holy men sadhus travelling to and fro from the Himalayas.

These men in saffron robes became a familiar sight at her house and Santosh grew up in an atmosphere graced by them.

In the evenings, the house would resonate with the rhythmic sounds of mantras chanted by these sadhus. Santosh was thus influenced by them, and also by her parents from whom she learnt the value of believing that life is only positives. Thus, Santosh grew up in an environment which was naturally conducive to spiritual unfoldment.Ebook Kostenlos A Time for Silence.

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