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Whether for meditation, memorization, or study, The Book of Ephesians is an opportunity to experience the Word read aloud as the earliest believers did. Bible teaching online in audio, video, notes from the Paul's epistle to the .mp3 audio EPHESIANS: Verse by Verse through the Book of Ephesians Bible Gateway Recommends. The KJV Listener's Audio Bible - Old Testament: Vocal Performance by Max McLean Audiobook [Download]Our Price: $download .


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Ralph Sexton, Jr. Divine Resources for a Blessed Family 1 Dr. Abraham, Father of us All Rev. The Message of Jesus Dr.

Jack B. Election and Predestination Dr. Curt D. Ephesians, Philippians 1,2 Dr.

Jump to Page: Ezekiel 37, 1 Corinthians During his time in this city that housed the famous temple to the Greek goddess Artemis, Paul saw many converted to faith in Jesus Christ and many others who opposed his preaching in the synagogues and homes. One prominent silversmith, Demetrius, who made implements for the worship of Artemis, found his business suffering greatly because people were converting to Christianity.

The ensuing near-riot led Paul to leave the city, but only after the apostle had done much to stabilize and grow the Christian community there. Where are we?

Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians sometime in AD 60—61, around the same time he wrote Colossians and Philemon, as he sent all three letters by the hand of Tychicus, accompanied by Onesimus Ephesians ; Colossians —9; Philemon — It was during this time that Paul sat in Rome undergoing his first Roman imprisonment Ephesians ; , making Ephesians one of the four epistles commonly known as the Prison Epistles. The others are Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon.

Why is Ephesians so important? Second Corinthians and Galatians abound with personal touches from Paul, either about his own life or that of the recipients. While Galatians offers instructions particularly important for those churches overrun with legalism, Ephesians deals with topics at the very core of what it means to be a Christian—both in faith and in practice—regardless of any particular problem in the community.As Chuck was talking, Christ was also talking to my heart.

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